There are two traditional types of contracts

Fixed Price

The development team has to deliver a specific scope on a set schedule for a fixed price.

Time and Materials

The client has to pay for the hours invested in the project until completion.

They were not created for software projects and both present issues

With Fixed Price alternative...

  • Direct sacrifice on quality in order to meet budget and deadlines.

  • Too much effort and time spent on requirements gathering, which most likely will be outdated halfway through the project.

  • High focus on contracts; constant change orders and negotiations.

With focus on Time and Materials...

  • Budget easily gets out of control and cost increases significantly.

  • Impact on the project schedule, deadlines are continuously delayed.

  • Waste of effort and time by building features that don’t add value to the business.

Software is unique and it’s not a traditional industry.

Requirements change

(and that’s ok!)

At the beginning of the project, you will never know all the real needs you have.

Software is never “done”

(there’s always room to evolve and improve)

You should keep your budget and time focused on the features that add value to your business.

You can’t get speed without quality

“The only way to make the deadline — the only way to go fast — is to keep the code as clean as possible at all times.”
Robert C. Martin, Clean Code

There is a better way, the right way:

Fixed Budget and Schedule, Flexible Scope

  • Set a fixed budget and schedule at the beginning of the project and constantly plan to get the most out of the remaining budget.

  • Allows flexibility for scope changes based on business and user needs.

  • Keeps stakeholders focused and helps them prioritize the most important features.

  • Every feature build provides real business value.

  • Deadlines are met and budget is under control.

Let’s do it together

Let’s estimate your budget

We go through a discovery sprint to understand your needs and provide you with a ballpark estimate.

After the discovery sprint, you define the budget.

Let’s build the features that matter

You define the features to build, controlling budget and due dates.

We help you prioritize and we deliver working software every two weeks.

Let’s make it scalable and maintainable

We use proven best practices: Scrum, TDD, and Continuous Integration.

You get scalable and maintainable software.

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