Deep Learning

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Learn by example.

Deep learning, a subset of machine learning and AI, teaches computer systems to do what humans do naturally—learn by example.

This is achieved through artificial neural networks, which are algorithms that simulate the way our brains learn and process information. As these neural networks repeatedly perform tasks, the algorithm progressively learns on its own, improving outcomes over time.

Devsu’s AI experts build deep learning models that perform tasks directly from text, sound, or images with incredible accuracy. Our deep learning solutions expertly train systems across a wide range of business verticals, including banking, software, and eCommerce.

We deploy deep learning models based on use cases that strengthen your core business processes, including:

  • Fraud detection
  • Predictive software maintenance
  • Recommendation system optimization
  • Customer relationship management

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Achieve More with Deep Learning AI

Deep learning’s capability to reach human-level or better performance makes it a gamechanger for businesses by:

Maximizing Unstructured Data

The bulk of most organizations’ data is unstructured and exists in a variety of formats, making it difficult to analyze with traditional machine learning. Deep learning enables you to use those various formats to train the algorithm and obtain new business intelligence.

Improving Operational Efficiency

Deep learning models can perform thousands of routine tasks much faster than humans. Even better, the quality of work never degrades as your deep learning models continuously produce more accurate insights and predictions through progressive learning.

Eliminating Unnecessary Costs

Highly expensive costs like recalls set businesses back millions of dollars each year. Deep learning can make product inspections more robust by detecting defects, such as minor product labeling errors, that are hard to find.

Why Work with Devsu?

Accelerate innovation with agile software delivery for your deep learning solutions.

End-to-End Service

Devsu is the only service provider you need to get custom deep learning solutions to market fast.

OnDemand Teams

Flexibly scale your IT team with our deep learning experts to suit your current business needs.

Expert Solutions

We’re experts in turning complex data into tremendous opportunities. Our deep learning models are 100% effective and reliable.

Modern, Cloud-Based Implementation

Our custom deep learning algorithms are deployed in cloud-based GPU infrastructure to provide you with fast, scalable solutions.

Deep Learning Services

Our deep learning models are well suited for a range of AI use cases to optimize your software products and services.

Computer Vision

Our deep learning algorithms can successfully identify subjects in photos as well or, in some cases, even better than humans. This enables you to unlock advanced AI capabilities like rapid facial recognition.

Speech Recognition

Varying languages and speech patterns in humans are difficult for computers to understand on their own. We train our deep learning algorithms on countless hours of human-transcribed content based on a variety of topics and languages, making your products accessible to more users.

Recommendation Engines

In eCommerce, our deep learning systems can compare the aggregate activity of multiple shoppers to identify new items that might interest a particular user.

Natural Language

Our deep learning experts use Natural Language Processing to help systems understand human conversations. Our algorithms can detect emotions along with hidden intent and sentiment to power highly accurate and personalized chatbots.

What Else Can Devsu Build For You?

Devsu's talent pool runs deep with skilled tech experts who can serve a range of industries from banking to automotive, education, and much more. Our teams are always ready to lead any project with the right skills and knowledge.

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