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Devsu uses innovative solutions, like Flutter toolkit, in order to help clients achieve assertive growth and create outstanding mobile applications in the most efficient way. We offer Flutter app development solutions for fast development and high-quality native app performance for Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows.

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Flutter Benefits

Flutter makes creating an app faster and easier than ever before. Its cross-platform approach allows sharing of both UI and layout code. This is not only a unique characteristic for the toolkit, but adds to its capacity to adapt and integrate with other IDEs or editors used for native mobile application development. Flutter makes it adaptable to any platform while keeping interface characteristics and functionality.

Reduce Code Development Time

Flutter app development is several times faster than traditional development. With the "hot reload" feature, you see all changes in real-time without even losing the state of your application—guaranteeing no dead time during live testing.

Native-Like Performance

Flutter applications are built directly into the machine code, which eliminates all performance issues caused by interpreting. With complex UI animation scenarios, creating an app that is no different from a native developed app is possible.

One Code / Multiple Platforms

Developing an Android or iOS app separately requires at least two times as many work-hours compared to developing an equivalent Flutter app. Flutter allows you to implement any 2D-based UI without having to interact with a native counterpart, so you don't have to write platform-specific code.

Beyond Mobile

This one is just a bonus if you are creating a mobile app. Flutter web allows your product to perform in a browser without changing the source code. With Flutter, you have the option to be anywhere your users need you to be.

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Build Better Apps, Faster

Taking advantage of our CI/CD pipeline techniques, Devsu offers end-to-end expertise that streamlines your product’s lifecycle. We have experienced Flutter developers available to handle your custom next-generation mobile app development or to work as an extension of your existing app development team.

Always Flexible

Flutter components can be added to existing mobile apps or created from scratch. Adding the right expertise to your project will ensure your users have a flawless experience at all times. Scale up or down with Devsu at any time.

Streamline your Application Development

We wrap native UI characteristics around Flutter delivery, so they can be implemented quickly and instantly. Your application will be available in every app store with just one line of production, accelerating your time to market.

Specific Expertise for Your Mobile App

Devsu offers a pool of best-in-class UX/UI designers, project managers, and QA specialists. With our Flutter mobile development services, we build your app from beginning to end, assuring seamless user experience, APIs, and mobile frontend development needed for your success.

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