Functional Testing Services

Deliver flawless software functionality every time

Ensure unbiased quality assurance

Desvu's test engineers can cover the complete scope of your system's functionality to ensure unbiased quality assurance.

Your application should be tested throughout the software development process according to its core specifications (i.e., user commands or search operations). This is where QA functional testing comes into play.

Functional testing, which can be automated, validates whether an application performs specific business functions. It's essentially a "real world" test of applications that ensures your software performs as expected and doesn't allow things to happen which should not.

We have extensive experience conducting functional tests on various software types, from desktop and mobile applications to enterprise web systems.

Benefits of Functional Testing

Through functional testing, our QA experts help you answer critical questions about the capabilities of your software.

In the end, you can rest easy knowing:

  • You have a defect-free product.
  • Your customers or end-users are satisfied.
  • The safety and security of your product aren't compromised.

Why Work With Devsu

We provide fast, end-to-end functional testing while ensuring the functionality and dependability of your product.

Increase Speed to Market

Discover software errors early on with functional testing to get digital products to market faster.

OnDemand Functional Testing Teams

Quickly scale your tech team with the industry’s best functional test engineers according to your business cycle.

Functional Testing Expertise

Increase product value with guidance from proven functional testing experts.

Functionality Testing Services

Our QA experts can help you manage software testing by executing a variety of functional tests.

Regression Testing

We ensure that changes (enhancements or defect fixes) to your software have not adversely affected it.

Integration Testing

Software projects typically include different programmers coding multiple software modules. We integrate these modules logically to expose defects in their interactions and test them as one group.

Sanity Testing

Before dedicating significant testing resources to a new version of software, we analyze its performance to determine whether it's worth the test effort.

Graphical User Interface

From the sizing of buttons to the alignment of text and tables, we validate that your product's GUI satisfies your business requirements.

Our Process

Our functional testing process's foundation is engaging your internal teams to understand your software's business requirements and specifications. We then execute a series of steps to deliver stable, quality-focused products.

Our QA team utilizes test data to identify inputs based on your business requirements

We then determine the expected functionality of your software based on those inputs.

Test cases are deployed with the proper inputs.

The expected functionality is compared to results derived from the functional test.

Our Proven Techniques

Devsu's QA experts use various techniques during functional testing that cater to your software's unique needs and improve its performance.

Requirement Based Testing

Software requirements are prioritized according to a set of risk criteria. We then evaluate and test your software's most vital features and functions first.

Business Process-Based Testing

We'll use the knowledge we gain about your business processes to create relevant test case scenarios.

Black Box Testing

This technique involves testing your system without prior knowledge of its internal workings. We can then identify how it responds to expected and unexpected user actions and its response time and usability issues.

White Box Testing

The opposite of Black Box Testing, White Box Testing evaluates the inner workings of software. Our QA experts test your application's internal structure and code to improve usability and security.

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