Get more productivity from your staffing budget.

Without sacrificing quality.

Devsu is a tech agency that recruits and retains in-demand talent so you don’t have to.

We staff your team with Front- and Back-end developers, QA analysts, DevOps engineers, and other specialized skills sets for nearly half the average cost of one U.S. developer.

Partners trust us

Tap into world-class technology talent today

No recruiting needed. Access network of 1000+ vetted tech professionals. Flexible, no-risk contracts. 30-Day guarantee.

The Devsu Difference

Add vetted tech talent to your team in 2 short weeks.

Recruiting high-caliber tech talent takes months. You collect resumes, set up interviews, negotiate and hope the best candidate accepts your offer.

Devsu let’s you onboard the specific expertise your projects need in as little as 2 weeks while doubling the output of your current staffing budget.

Now you can spend less time recruiting new team members and focus on what matters most —developing your product.

Tap into our network of 1000+ tech professionals today.

We’ve made finding the right talent simple, so your product can stay competitive in this rapidly changing market.

Devsu’s provides you access to a vast network of continuously trained front and backend developers, DevOps Engineers, QA analyst, UI/UX designers, and other world-class technology talent.

No language barriers, aligned with U.S. time zones.

Poor communication within your technology team is detrimental to product development. It can result in slower time-to-delivery, bad code quality, and ultimately a loss of revenue.

Your dedicated Devsu tech team joins your internal meetings, aligns to your work schedule and U.S. time zone, and communicates with you in real-time via live video and chat tools.

With your fully integrated Devsu team, communication will no longer hinder product innovation. It will drive it.

Get started with no-risk short-term contracts

A long-term service agreement with the wrong tech partner is disastrous for your product development and team moral. No communication, slow delivery times, and poor code quality can set you back months on your development roadmap.

Devsu offers you flexible, no-risk agreements that allows you to experience our 5-star service, which aligns to the ebbs and flows of your business, before entering a long term relationship.

With the confidence of knowing you chose the right partner in Devsu, you can now scale your team and drive faster down your development roadmap.

Increase ROI 100% from your current staffing budget

Building a world-class development team requires a very large capital investment. The different disciplines required drive up cost and oftentimes a specific expertise is left out due to lack of funds.

Devsu offers value by staffing your team with at least 2 highly-skilled team members for the cost equivalent to one annual salary of a U.S. developer.

With the ability to double productivity from your current budget, you can now have all the expertise your product needs — in-house.

Tap into world-class technology talent today.

No recruiting necessary. Top 5% of tech talent. Flexible, no-risk contracts. Scale up or down on demand.

Client’s Testimonial

"Their development expertise is top-notch and they are one of the most capable development vendors I’ve worked with."

Julian Smith.

Director of Digital Production

Doner LA