The Challenge

One of SABMiller’s business units was looking to increase the efficiency of the delivery of their products to its vendors. Even though the organization had GPS devices deployed across their shipping fleet, the information provided by the devices was not being used properly.

The client needed to find a way to make that data meaningful and useful in order to make deliveries more efficient. It was also looking for a solution that would allow it to interact with its vendors and delivery drivers.

The Solution

Devsu built a solution for iOS and Android operating systems. Through this new application SABMiller and its vendors are able to track in real time the status of orders being delivered. This solution works as a platform that connects SABMiller’s business units, contractors, and vendors.

The application has a backend component where all data is managed and retrieved from different databases and services. The mobile clients are integrated with this backend in order to feed the information to the users.

The Results

The app has created interaction and engagement between vendors, delivery drivers and the business unit. It has been deployed across fifteen thousand vendors in a major metropolitan area, and it will continue to be deployed in new cities.

By using this app, vendors can now communicate with their delivery trucks and get real-time updates on the status of their order. The internal team of SABMiller has a tool to audit the performance of delivery trucks, hence, increasing efficiency with their clients.

Due to the success of the app, Devsu continues to add new features to build an even more complete solution.

Main Features

  • Real-time information about deliveries
  • Notifications about delivery status
  • Direct communications with drivers and supervisors
  • Targeted offers and promotions
  • Customer and internal user surveys

Main Features

iOS and Android
Native apps for iOS and Android
Track Order
Discover your package's location in real-time
Delivery Details
Verify your order data
Contact driver or file a claim
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