The Challenge

The Colombian publishing group ICCK (Grupo Caracol) was looking for a partner to completely redesign and ramp up the web presence for the biggest music portal in Latin America, 

ICCK was looking for a partner that could bring product and software development expertise to an agile setting. After a thorough vetting and selection process, Devsu was selected as the agency to take on this challenge.

The Solution

Devsu worked with the team through a lean and rapid iteration process, which allowed both teams to achieve fast results and have a fluid product development process.

The old portal was built with Drupal 6. The new version, developed by Devsu, was built with Drupal 7. All the information from the old site was to be migrated to the new site; this included thousands of articles, events, and audio and video files.

The Results

Devsu was able to deliver the portal within four months using Drupal 7 as the framework for this web application. Drupal 7 was integrated with the latest JavaScript libraries (backbone) in order to provide a single-page application with a state-of-the-art music player.

The application is used by fifty thousand daily users and hosts more than eight thousand songs and six thousand bands. With the redesign of the portal and web application, ICCK has been able to increase its traffic 60% since last year.

Front-End Features

  • Persistent and cutting edge music player
  • Single-page website structure
  • Branding module to easily change the look and feel of different sections of the portal.
  • Responsive user interface for mobile design

Back End Features

  • Content management system (CMS) and user management system
  • Community platform where the user can create profiles and bands and upload audio and video files
  • Third party services integration: Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Oyoola, Twitter, and SoundCloud
  • SEO Tools integration
  • Search integration with Apache Solr




Main Features

Mobile first approach
Responsive website focused on smartphone and tablet usability
Online Music Player
Web based audio streaming, search engine and music community
Online magazine
Robust and scalable CMS powered by Drupal
Ability to quickly brand the website based on marketing campaigns and clients
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