A healthy balance of staffing, skillset, and experience are critical to your product’s success.

Your team is the difference between being an innovator, or an imitator

Our Integrated Teams augment your in-house team, increasing capacity, adding specialized skills, and gaining competitive advantage through faster speed to market. We attend your meetings, report directly to your managers, and ensure our people assimilate to your company culture, vision, and goals.


  • Attend your meetings
  • Report directly to your managers
  • Ensure our people assimilate to your company culture, vision, and goals
Devsu Integrated Teams augment
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Devsu as your Technology Partner

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Devsu's recruitment process

Industry’s top 5%

Regardless of the complexity or size of your product, Devsu’s thorough recruitment process provides your team with the industry’s top 5% of IT talent.

We jump right in

Our experienced staff don’t require lengthy ramp-up times and can jump in to provide immediate productivity. The size of the team can scale up and down as needed and is based on your business needs.

Let our staff be the secret weapon when taking your team to the next level

Whether you need a specific skill set, help with seasonal demand, or extra hands to help with the growing pains of your enterprise; Devsu’s Integrated Teams are here to help.