Devsu and The Holistyx Group Announce Strategic Partnership to Drive Digital Transformation for Businesses


Orlando, FL [10/31/2023] – Devsu, top-tier software solutions provider, has partnered with The Holistyx Group, a leading digital transformation consultancy. This partnership is set to redefine digital transformation for businesses. By combining Devsu's technical prowess with The Holistyx Group's holistic digital strategies, we present an unmatched team to strategize and deliver innovative technology solutions. Our goal? To drive unparalleled business growth and innovation through the power of technology.

The Holistyx Group excels in creating innovative and holistic business solutions powered by technology. This includes crafting short and long-term growth strategies, with enablement, execution, and value management. Their strength lies in their visionary leadership, deep industry knowledge, a unique mix of human-centric design and visual storytelling and business value analysis. When paired with Devsu's robust implementation capabilities, this collaboration promises a seamless journey of digital transformation—enabling our clients with innovative growth strategy and tangible business returns through technology implementation.

Devsu, known for its deep expertise in complete software delivery, steps in as a strategic implementation partner for The Holistyx Group. With a long history of delivering top-tier software and deploying exceptionally talented teams, Devsu is poised to propel client transformation projects to success. This partnership guarantees that Holistyx's visionary strategies materialize into robust, scalable digital solutions.

"By combining forces with The Holistyx Group, we aim to offer an unparalleled synergy between visionary digital transformation and its concrete implementation," said Matt Deaton, Chief Growth Officer. "Together, our partnership ensures that businesses have both the strategic compass and the seasoned hands to chart and navigate their digital endeavors."

Andrew Wolff, Founder Partner of The Holistyx Group shared, “This alliance with Devsu enhances our commitment to clients. We're merging visionary strategy with stellar delivery, ensuring that the path to digital transformation is both clear and actionable, and consistently present throughout the whole transformation voyage.”

For businesses, this partnership signifies more than just an alliance between two industry leaders. It represents a holistic approach to digital transformation, combining the 'why' and 'how' into a unified service that promises both vision and execution.


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