Are You Equipped to Master Digital Transformation in 2024?

Join our exclusive webinar in partnership with leading consultancy Holistyx and get proven blueprints for executing strategies that future-proof your business for the digital era.

April 11th | 12:30pm EST

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What You’ll Learn At This Event

Assessing Your Digital Maturity

Learn frameworks to audit your company's current systems, processes and workforce readiness. Identify gaps between your present state and digital goals.

Mapping Your Transformation Roadmap

Get step-by-step blueprint for executing a successful transformation strategy, from defining objectives to fostering cultural change.

Integrating Emerging Technologies

Discover how to leverage AI, machine learning, IoT and other innovations to drive efficiency, boost decision-making and create competitive advantage.

Building a Future-Ready Workforce

Get strategies for upskilling employees, promoting digital dexterity, and cultivating a culture of adaptability and innovation.

Crafting Compelling Narratives

Learn storytelling and communication techniques to simplify complex concepts, engage stakeholders, and win buy-in across your digital transformation journey.

Tracking Transformation Success

Understand KPIs and metrics for measuring progress, monitoring results, and refining your transformation strategy based on data and insights.


Learn from accomplished leaders at the forefront of digital transformation. Our presenters from Devsu and Holistyx combine decades of experience advising enterprises on leveraging emerging technologies to gain a competitive advantage and future-proof their organizations.

Matt Deaton

Chief Growth Officer, Devsu

Previous | NBC Universal, Humana

Andrew Wolff

Founder, The Holistyx Group

Previous | Microsoft, Siemens

Kevin Brown

Principal Creative Director, The Holistyx Group

Previous | Microsoft, EA Sports

Cecilia Fung

Co-Founder, The Holistyx Group

Previous | Google, Accenture, Salesforce

Mike Sternberg

Founding Director of The Holistyx Group

Felipe Cornejo

CEO Devsu

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April 11th | 12:30pm EST

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