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Successful Software Outsourcing for Startup - SightX Case Study

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The challenge

The young startup struggled to find a technology partner that had the technical and statistical know-how to implement the complex requirements on their roadmap.

Custom Front-end Development - SightX Case Study

Devsu first rebuilt the front-end of the application, allowing the company to fix the most pressing issues.


Complete revamp

The Devsu team completely re-designed the solution from the ground up.


Microservices architecture

Introducing development methodologies with microservices architecture.

Client’s Testimonial

“Devsu has been an incredible partner since the inception of SightX. They act as an extension of our team. Devsu’s talent is unparalleled, it is world-class and covers the entire journey of tech development.”

Naira Musallam, PhD. Co-Founder of SightX

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