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Our accomplished AI engineers create computer vision applications that provide you with rich data that guarantee your business to reduce human effort, optimize operations, and scale your visual technology.

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The implementation of computer vision can change meaningfully the way your business operates. Devsu’s computer vision engineers, apply years of our knowledge to address your needs by implementing Machine Learning approaches and analytical algorithms.

Image classification

Our expert AI engineers create computer vision apps that use one or more spectral or textural attributes in order to categorize and label groups of pixels or vectors within an image based on pre-set guidelines.

Face Recognition

We use advanced AI capabilities to create systems capable of recognizing human faces from a digital image against a database of faces. This can make your users' experience better, improve security, or even identify employees within your company.

Object detection

Devsu's object detection AI solutions identify and locate objects within a video or an image, allowing your systems to categorize, track, and label objects.

Object tracking

Our competitive solutions can be build to locate a certain object in each video frame, identify it and translate them into a set of trajectories with high accuracy

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Gather Game-Changing Rich Data

Depending on your goals, from security to user experience, computer vision services leverage the reach of your systems and applications by extracting data from images, identifying, classifying, and labeling whatever is important for you.

Simplify your process

Our world-class AI development team create or enhance tools to carry out monotonous, repetitive tasks at a faster rate, making the entire process simpler and faster.

Improve security with High Tech

Devsu’s world-class computer vision solutions help you to identify unauthorized objects and faces and double up safety measurements and reducing the risk of security breaches.

On-demand Engineering

Our computer vision solutions can be deployed on the existing infrastructure solution like CCTV or IP cameras, or you can decide to create cost-effective tools from scratch, you have total control over the solution from planning to deployment and beyond.

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Add specialized tech expertise to augment your team or build a complete Computer vision software development team to bring your product vision to market fast with Devsu’s network of 10,000+ vetted technology professionals.


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