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AI-powered voice recognition technology engineered for rapid growth

Add customer value with voice recognition

Increasingly, digital interactions are taking place through voice commands, driving tremendous value for businesses and their customers.

Voice recognition software works by digitizing what the end-user says into a format it can “read” then analyzing the sound to determine its exact meaning.

Devsu’s voice recognition software experts create AI-driven algorithms with guaranteed accuracy. Our systems are trained on countless hours of human-transcribed content based on a vast range of topics, industries, languages, and dialects.

With access to the most accurate voice recognition technology in the market and the industry’s top talent, you can innovate your business processes, helping you achieve higher rates of growth at lower costs.

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Outpace Competitors with Voice Technology

Voice technology is the edge your business needs to survive in today’s ultra-competitive market, enabling you to:

Serve a Diverse Demographic

With built-in voice recognition technology, your products become more relevant to a wider group of people. You’ll have an automatic advantage over businesses with less accessible products.

Speed Up Processes

Businesses benefit from voice technology’s ease of use and speed. Users can access the information they need instantly, simplifying the customer experience and helping businesses complete their processes faster.

Increase Your Reach

Voice technology allows businesses to be in more places at once. Businesses can handle multiple interactions more efficiently from anywhere without needing a large user support operation.

Why Work with Devsu?

Our AI software delivery experts build best-in-class applications to help businesses unlock the power of voice technology.

High-Quality Transcription

We build highly trained speech models to produce the most accurate, automated voice recognition software. You can convert speech to text from various sources, like microphones and audio files, and receive transcripts with automatic formatting and punctuation.

Customizable Models

We tailor speech models to understand industry-specific terminology and generate custom models based on internal data and jargon. This enables us to optimize speech recognition accuracy for your organization’s unique needs.

Flexible Deployment

We can run voice recognition wherever your data resides, whether it be in the cloud or on-premises.

Comprehensive Security

Our voice technology is built with enterprise-grade security, encryption, and compliance so your data remains yours. We maintain 99.99% uptime and swiftly respond to security threats and events.

Advanced AI Solutions

Our software delivery experts ensure your product’s performance by using the most advanced natural language processing and machine learning technologies.

Voice Recognition Solutions for Every Industry

Our deep learning models are well suited for a range of AI use cases to optimize your software products and services.

Computer Vision

Our deep learning algorithms can successfully identify subjects in photos as well or, in some cases, even better than humans. This enables you to unlock advanced AI capabilities like rapid facial recognition.

Speech Recognition

Varying languages and speech patterns in humans are difficult for computers to understand on their own. We train our deep learning algorithms on countless hours of human-transcribed content based on a variety of topics and languages, making your products accessible to more users.

Recommendation Engines

In eCommerce, our deep learning systems can compare the aggregate activity of multiple shoppers to identify new items that might interest a particular user.

Natural Language Processing

Our deep learning experts use Natural Language Processing to help systems understand human conversations. Our algorithms can detect emotions along with hidden intent and sentiment to power highly accurate and personalized chatbots.

What Else Can Devsu Build For You?

Devsu's talent pool runs deep with skilled tech experts who can serve a range of industries from banking to automotive, education, and much more. Our teams are always ready to lead any project with the right skills and knowledge.

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