Automated Testing

Test automation helps in reducing regression testing time and cutting down the time to market, with significant cost savings on a long-term basis. A proper automated testing strategy is directly correlated to fast software delivery.

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Optimized testing

Devsu’s automated testing services provide more generous coverage when processing high volumes of data. Our expert software engineers have more time to focus on tests that are less repetitive and best performed manually, so you can afford to downsize to a smaller QA team without sacrificing software quality.

Automated Acceptance Tests

Before software is released to production, we test the final build to ensure all features and functions are ready for users.

Integration Testing

We check the performance of different system units as a whole, integrating them logically to expose defects in interactions from multiple software modules.

Automated Regression Testing

We re-run every relevant test after each new change to the codebase, to make sure that the software has not suffered regressions and is performing ideally

E2E Testing

We simulate different user scenarios from beginning to end to ensure the software functionality from the user perspective.

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Industry-leading automated testing

Our automated testing systems can record a test suite and re-play it as needed. Once the test suite is automated, human intervention is not necessary. Devsu‘s dedicated automated testing enables you to spend more time improving test code and less time on the mundane, repetitive tasks manual testing requires.

Decrease Time To Market

Automated tests are deployed quickly from anywhere, which propels your product to market. We utilize best-in-industry test automation frameworks and cutting-edge tools to increase velocity throughout software development.

Assure high quality products

Unlike manual testing, automated testing services provide more generous coverage when processing high volumes of data, improving your product quality. This way, QA professionals can focus on high value tasks or specific non-automatable tests, guaranteeing that the efforts will be efficiently distributed.

On-demand Test Engineers

Automated testing allows you to decide where it is worth including testing professionals in the process, where the machine is not as effective. Flexibly increase or decrease the size of your tech team with proven test automation and QA talent.

When to use Test Automation

Not all tests can be automated; however, you can yield the highest ROI by automating:

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Regression testing

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Repetitive and time-consuming tests

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Tests that are highly susceptible to human error

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Tests run on several data sets or software platforms

Functional Testing Expertise

Manage test automation alongside expert test engineers with deep knowledge of your industry.

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