Improve User Experience with Load Testing

A properly designed test allows you to ascertain application behavior at peak performance and scalability levels. Our test engineers create scripts to simulate load and to safeguard your systems, protecting your business from unpleasant events that frustrate customers and impact profitability.

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Solve software performance issues before release

We offer load and performance testing for several domains and technologies, including web-based, n-tier, microservices, and COTS solutions. Our performance testing services guarantee your systems won't experience a decline in performance and ensure response speeds that won’t test your users' patience.

Stress, Spike and Endurance Testing

Devsu’s tech teams take the time to understand how far your systems can go before they crash by determining their highest load capacity and limits of endurance.

Performance Testing

With Devsu's performance testing services, you can determine whether your software infrastructure can support different workloads by measuring system stability and response time.

High Availability

Our performance engineers make sure there are backup servers available to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of your systems all the time.

Volume Testing

We submit your software to a huge volume of data in order to analyze the system behavior when exposed to diverse volumes of data, accelerating the start for scalability plans.

Automated Load Testing

Devsu’s skilled engineers have experience performing load testing with traditional tools, but we would rather offer you modern and automated load testing techniques and tools, to improve the scalability of your web app.

Load Testing as Code

Continuous Load testing tackles the two main issues of traditional load testing: testing too late and not enough testing. Devsu's outstanding performance engineers know the right load-testing-as-code tools to integrate CI/CD.

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Ensure Optimal Software Performance

Your brand's success depends on providing responsive, high-performance user experiences consistently across all business-critical applications. Devsu expertly tests application performance at high loads, measures, validates, and verifies operational capabilities, to offer a flawless customer experience.

Early defect detection

Our experienced UX testing team integrates performance engineering into your CI/CD pipeline to discover bottlenecks early in the software development lifecycle. Accelerate your flawless software time to market with rapid load testing.

Real-life performance insights

We can identify and run realistic performance testing scenarios ahead of product and website launches, after any code changes, and before expected peaks in demand. That way, you have the flexibility to scale your team according to your needs or upcoming events.

Intelligent in-depth testing

Our test engineers have vast expertise in developing performance tests built around a robust strategy customized to your needs. We verify your site's performance at several load levels by:

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Simulating high volumes of virtual users at stepped levels.

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Directly accessing and testing APIs and user interfaces.

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Fail-safe multi-path test under increasing loads.

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Documenting degradation and irregularities in performance.

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Assisting your IT team with implementation during testing.

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By leveraging top-of-the-line load testing and performance tools.

Get ahead of performance issues before they reach your end-users

Deliver reliable products to market with our industry-leading software testing services. Get world-class QA engineers to test your product’s performance and capacity, or rely on our expertise and get a managed team while you work on the core values of your business.

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