Managed Teams

Expand your tech core with autonomous, end-to-end software development.

What if your product’s success depended on a tech competency you don’t have the time or capacity to strengthen?

Scale your skills without hiring

When innovation requires a skill set beyond your current technical expertise, Devsu can bridge the gap, complementing and amplifying your team capabilities with a completely managed team ready to start delivering value immediately.

We fill any gaps in your tech competencies with a dedicated development team tailored to your precise needs, so you never have to dilute your in-house resources.

Our full-cycle development services include end-to-end software delivery, cloud computing, QA, data science, AI and DevOps.

Our dedicated teams utilize agile development practices to ensure continuous product delivery and improvement. Your managed team will also provide open and consistent communication, with regular updates and full transparency into their work. We may be autonomous, but we’re still your partners in business.

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Benefits of Devsu Managed Teams

Our expert managed IT services deliver innovative technology solutions and value, fast.

Stree-Free Onboarding

Our onboarding process makes transitioning your technology to an autonomously managed team quick and easy. We take great care to maintain your current infrastructure and make enhancements during the transition.

Top 5% of IT Talent

We’re continually sourcing the industry’s top IT talent to provide you with immediate access to the most in-demand technologists.

Free Internal Resources

With our managed teams providing end-to-end software delivery, you don’t have to worry about operational readiness. You can focus on growing your business while leaving day-to-day IT issues to your dedicated software development team.

Enhanced IT Security & Compliance

Industries like finance, healthcare, and education have specific needs regarding security and regulatory compliance. We ensure your receive a managed team with industry-specific knowledge, technologies, and processes to mitigate risk and safeguard your infrastructure into the future.

With Devsu Managed Teams, you can:

Release new product features and improvements faster

Focus on critical business areas

Fill gaps in expertise

Achieve rapid digital transformation

Our Onboarding Process

We source the industry’s best IT talent to provide the expertise you need to reduce your product’s time to market.

Define Project Scope

We understand your project goals, product requirements, and skills gaps to determine the type of expertise you need to complete development.

Build Managed Team

Tapping into our vast IT talent network, we quickly build a team of technologists and product managers with the right skills and industry expertise you need for full-cycle software development.

Create Software Delivery Strategy

Your managed team will collaborate with you to build a roadmap and determine which technologies and software solutions will deliver the most value to users.

Ongoing Collaboration

Our leaders ensure your managed team runs smoothly and gets the work done, giving your managers more breathing room and time to focus on their critical tasks. Additionally, our managers will keep track of when resources need to scale up or down with changing needs.

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Our expert managed teams are ready to deliver high-quality IT solutions and improve your tech stack. We only work with the top 5% of IT talent to ensure your project is in expert hands.

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