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Your connected audience expects instant, reliable, and secure access to websites and applications. Devsu’s cutting-edge cloud computing services enable you to deliver that.

Our team of cloud experts focuses on reducing risk and decreasing the total cost of ownership by combining infrastructure management services with secure cloud practices.

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Benefits of Cloud Computing

Today, companies are operating and competing at an unprecedented speed and scale. Join the race by taking advantage of the benefits cloud services have to offer.

Cost Efficiency

Cloud computing takes away the costs of traditional servers. Rather than purchasing expensive hardware, your dedicated Devsu cloud computing experts will provide the resources you need.


Using the cloud frees up internal resources so you can focus on critical business functions. With cloud technologies, you have the flexibility to quickly scale up or scale down your operation and storage needs to suit the current demands of your business.

Business Continuity

Whether you experience a natural disaster, power failure, or other crisis, having your data stored in the cloud ensures it’s backed up and protected in a secure location. You can quickly access your data from anywhere, allowing your team to continue business as usual without significant downtime.


Cloud integration allows data to flow seamlessly between applications. Your end-users can fetch the most recent data or information related to business activities and collaborate more efficiently from anywhere.

Why Work With Devsu

We tailor your cloud transformation to streamline operations and help you achieve your business goals.

Fast Cloud Development

Develop cloud solutions faster to improve user experiences and speed up innovation.

OnDemand Cloud Teams

Scale your IT team and cloud resources according to your changing needs.

Cloud Expertise

We only work with the top 5% of IT talent to deliver expert cloud solutions.

Cloud Computing Services

We offer various cloud computing services to help you maximize the benefits of cloud technology.

Cloud Strategy and Consulting

Devsu’s cloud engineers implement value-driven cloud strategies and design business-grade cloud architectures. We’ll help you simplify application migration and accelerate cloud adoption while reducing operational costs.

Cloud Migration

Whether you need cloud-to-cloud migration or migration from remote servers to the cloud, our highly-skilled engineers can handle any type and volume of data. We combine industry-specific solutions with automation to speed cloud migration and mitigate risks.

Cloud Application Development

We can custom build and deploy cloud-native software solutions that solve your most complex business challenges. Your cloud software will feature out-of-the-box security and reliability inherent to third-party IaaS and PaaS providers.

Cloud Security & Governance

Our team of experienced IT security engineers ensures your cloud deployments are always available, communication channels are encrypted, and data is protected. We also perform vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and information security audits to secure your cloud technology continuously.

Cloud Management Services

With Devsu looking after your cloud architecture, you can reduce IT operating and support costs. We can handle monitoring and reporting, performance testing, backup and recovery, and more.


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