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Hire developers to fill tech gaps, increase bandwidth, and hit your deadlines

Your digital transformation can’t wait. Neither can the market. An extra Devsu developer or an entire managed team gives you agility without traditional hiring pains or risks.

Software development services

Our outsourcing software development services allow you to flexibly scale your team and select the optimal partnership length required to complete your project. After software delivery, we continue to provide the ongoing support you need to thrive.

Build your perfect team with a simple fee structure that lets you pay a fixed monthly retainer and scale on-demand at any time. You won’t have to worry about long-term contract requirements or paying for services you don’t use.

Client testimonial

Devsu's talents is unparalleled, it is world-class and covers the entire journey of tech development. They act as an extension of our team.

Naira Musallam.



Teams As A Service

Benefits of Team as a Service

We contribute value during each step of the software development process by only hiring the top 5% of IT talent.

Language & Time Zone Compatibility

Our software developers are bilingual, aligned with your time zone, and ready to fully integrate with your company culture.

Distributed & Co-Located Teams

Your Devsu team can be distributed or co-located depending on your needs. No matter where your team is located, we utilize the latest cloud-based project management tools to guarantee effective communication and collaboration.

Standardized Security Practices

We keep your data and digital products safe by following the latest software security and compliance standards.

Customized Expertise

Our partners are matched with senior technologists who deliver custom solutions tailored to their unique business requirements.

Broad Range of Services

Devsu technologists have diverse skills and expertise, enabling us to offer a wide range of digital software solutions for web, mobile, and the cloud.

Devsu teams brings...

Devsu Provides Your Highly Skilled Team So You Can

Deliver on time

Get right-sized team augmentation

Avoid costly and lengthy hiring

Capture new markets

Bridge knowledge gaps

Optimize processes and boost productivity

Scale up or down as needed

Achieve ultimate business flexibility

Seize opportunity without hesitation

Our Partners

Our software delivery process


Our experts learn your business, carefully understand your needs and vision, and answer all project-related queries. We help design and roadmap based on your specifications and goals.


We create a roadmap to define all technical requirements, tasks, and milestones.

Team Selection

You’re matched with a custom, right-sized team of experts with the exact skills and experience you need. We can augment your in-house team or bring in a new wing of expertise.

Project Launch and Execution

We guarantee responsive communication, collaboration, progress reports, and an unparalleled work ethic to keep your projects on track and deliver on time.


Receive 24-hour assistance during your project and 30 days of free support post engagement to ensure functionality, easy maintenance, and user confidence.

What we love

We know what you need

Our developers are the top 5% in their industry and experts in multiple areas, from product design to cloud migration and quality assurance.

MVP development for booming startup

Devsu Data Science Technology Helps Software Startup

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