Devsu Code Jam 2011

by Felipe Cornejo

On Saturday, June 25, 2011, the first edition of our programming contest, Devsu Code Jam, took place. It involved the participation of university students and computer science professionals from multiple cities throughout Ecuador.

Each question on the test was designed to be a challenge for the participants who, during a more than three-hour time period, made their best effort to solve as many problems as possible.

The contest gave participants the opportunity to use different programming languages, which made the competition open to all kinds of programmers.

After the contest was completed, the qualification process began, unveiling the brilliant winners. The qualification portion was performed automatically by using unit testing on the code delivered by the participants.

The top 10 contestants also attended our awards event where we talked a little about their projects and the work that Devsu does.

We are pleased to announce that two of the participants are currently working on Devsu: Santiago Rios and Alexis Saransig. We are really pleased to have them on our team.

You can still access the questions and qualifications of the event on the contest’s website.

We thank all those who dared to participate in this first edition of Devsu Code Jam and also to the National Polytechnic School for letting us use its facilities.

We hope to make this an annual event. We are already starting to think about the second edition of the contest, and we expect the number of participants in 2012 will be even greater and that the prizes will be even better.

We have already started to look for sponsors and plan for the event.

We'll have more information about the contest and details on the contest’s website on Facebook, and on this blog.

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