Deep Learning Solutions

Machine learning has afforded businesses the opportunity to derive patterns from data, predict customer behavior and perform actions without human intervention. Devsu’s machine learning services offer advanced algorithms to help organizations enable data-driven decision-making and create innovative business models.

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Devsu’s AI experts build deep learning models that perform tasks directly from text, sound, or images with incredible accuracy. Our deep learning solutions expertly train systems across a wide range of business verticals, including banking, software, and eCommerce. We deploy deep learning models based on use cases that strengthen your core business processes, including:

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Fraud detection

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Predictive software maintenance

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Recommendation system optimization

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Customer relationship management

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Achieve More with Deep Learning AI

Devsu’s deep learning capability to reach human-level or better performance makes it a game-changer for businesses. Accelerate innovation with agile software delivery for your deep learning solutions.

End-to-End Service

Devsu is the only service provider you need to get custom deep learning solutions to market fast. Flexibly scale your IT team with our deep learning experts to suit your current business needs from design to deployment, get experts along your product lifecycle.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Devsu’s tailored deep learning models can perform thousands of routine tasks much faster than humans. Get high-quality deep learning models continuously produce more accurate insights and predictions through progressive learning, accelerating your processes and reducing time to market.

Modern, Cloud-Based Implementation

We’re experts in turning complex data into tremendous opportunities. Our deep learning models are 100% effective and reliable. Top-notch AI expertise at Devsu can produce robust solutions for product inspections that can detect defects, such as minor product labeling errors, that are hard to detect.

Engagement models

Implement deep learning solutions with advanced AI technologies experts on your team, or build an outsourced team of professionals under the direction of top-class project management and scale on demand according to your needs.


Staff your team with world-class tech talent.

Hire the exact expertise your team needs to scale productivity, without the hassles of a long recruitment process.


Build an autonomous team of technology experts.

Rapidly take your digital product from MVP to IPO by instantly accessing all the tech roles you need to build and scale your product vision.

Solve business challenges with tailor-made deep learning solutions.

Build your team, in 14 days. End to end expertise. Flexible arrangements.