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Devsu has helped companies of all sizes and industries integrate CI/CD into their operations. Our continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) experts analyze your framework and provide recommendations to get your pipeline up and running.

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Advantages of the CI/CD Mentality

The CI/CD pipeline is a key DevOps best practice that encompasses a set of operating principles, a collection of practices that are designed to enable developers to release their code more frequently and reliably.

Easier Rollbacks

You can immediately restore the production application to its previous state if new code changes cause issues. To prevent production outages, the last successful build gets deployed immediately.

Faster Delivery

A CI/CD pipeline and multiple daily releases can dramatically save you time and money. Almost no human intervention is required to build, test and deploy features. Various tools, frameworks, and systems are used to accomplish this, such as Travis CI, Docker, Kubernetes, and LaunchDarkly.

Less Manual Labor

Testing should be automatically triggered upon building new features to ensure their functionality and integration into existing features. In this way, you receive constant notifications via various channels, providing you with plenty of information about the build, test, and deployment processes.

Reduced Risk

When a product is already in production, finding and fixing bugs is costly and time-consuming. In CI/CD pipelines, risks can be assessed in real time; since testing and deploying are done more frequently, testers gain the ability to detect issues as soon as they happen and resolve them immediately.

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Optimize your CI/CD Pipeline

With Devsu’s DevOps approach and CI/CD experienced teams and talent on your side, your company can streamline operations, resulting in better, faster, and well-tested products.

Advanced Software Delivery

Devsu’s pre-vetted Kubernetes engineers and DevOps experts are experienced in working and adapting with teams in order to enhance processes and meet due dates with excellence.

The Right Tools and The Right Team

Whether you want to improve your current agile processes or start from scratch with CI/CD practices, it's important to get a solution that can scale as you go while still addressing your business goals. Devsu's flexible arrangements can help you achieve those goals.

Increase Productivity

Continuous integration and continuous delivery ensures a drop in unexpected errors and automates deployments, accelerating your product’s readiness. With Devsu consulting solutions, your team will be faster and more efficient than ever.

What’s the Difference Between CI/CD?

Tech Talent

Access the right talent for your projects, from our deep pool of tech professionals.

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Add the right Kubernetes engineers and DevOps talent to your agile team or build one from scratch to streamline your operations. You will have access to a pool of 40k+ multidisciplinary IT talent.


Staff your team with world-class tech talent.

Hire the exact expertise your team needs to scale productivity, without the hassles of a long recruitment process.


Build an autonomous team of technology experts.

Rapidly take your digital product from MVP to IPO by instantly accessing all the tech roles you need to build and scale your product vision.

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