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Our goal is continuously improving products and processes, to provide our clients with the best possible services and software delivery talent. Our top-notch developers and IT engineers believe in performance indicators as a measure of success or an opportunity for improvement.

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DORA: Metrics That Matter

At Devsu, we implement the most effective key metrics to measure software delivery performance. Devsu DevOps teams measure their performance to determine their status as low or high-performing teams. Using these metrics we test and optimize your products and processes; to ensure high-performing technology.

Delivery Lead Time

Knowing and shortening the time from production finished to customer order delivered, allows our experienced developers to make the right changes to a better process.

Mean time to Recovery

Resolving incidents and failures in production when they happen is vital to guarantee a high-performing product. This is why measuring the time from the problem to full recovery is important to optimize and minimize the response time.

Deployment Frequency

We work in a CI/CD pipeline which often includes Continuous deployment at the end of it. Measuring the deployment frequency lets us understand efficiency according to the project complexity.

Change Failure Rate

We can assess the quality of the code you are pushing to production by knowing which production changes result in incidents or failures. By the improvement of skills and processes, our teams and developers strive to decrease the rate of change failure over time.

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Jumpstart Your Development Processes

By providing stable services, we enable our customers to react faster to changing customer needs. Our DevOps Teams must constantly improve processes and products to meet these requirements. With Devsu, you can measure the performance of your teams and processes to drive improvements.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Take informed, intelligent decisions on how and what to improve in your business. Devsu provides you with the best DevOps professionals to measure and guide you into what needs to be optimized and how to do it.

Pinpoint Inefficiency and Waste

Save time and money by understanding where the weakness of your system is located; to directly work on it. Devsu offers flexible arrangements that allow you to address only the problem you have and scale up or down in accordion with your needs.

Streamline your Processes

Devsu software delivery teams implement continuous development and delivery right away to increase scalability and flexibility. The working software is demoed after every two-week sprint cycle. Our development process is Agile and Test-Driven. To ensure efficient code all code is reviewed by DORA metrics.

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