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Produce better software in less time with automated testing

No more manual testing

Automated testing is a technique that uses software tools to run detailed, repetitive, and data-intensive tests automatically.

Devsu's QA experts implement detailed test automation strategies to help you produce better software faster by improving your testing process's effectiveness and coverage.

Successive development cycles require you to repeatedly execute the same test suites, making manual testing incredibly time intensive. Our automated testing systems can record a test suite and re-play it as needed. Once the test suite is automated, human intervention isn't necessary.

Devsu is an industry-leading automation testing company that enables you to spend more time improving test code and less time on the mundane, repetitive tasks manual testing requires.

The Benefits of Test Automation

Automated testing is an essential component of software development that reduces your testing window from days to hours.

Decrease Time To Market

Automated tests can be deployed quickly from anywhere, which helps your product get to market faster.

Improve Product Quality

Human error is prevalent in manual testing. Automation won't ignore or overlook the errors a real person can.

Better Test Coverage

Unlike manual testing, automated testing services provide more generous coverage when processing high volumes of data.

Optimized Testing

Software engineers have more time to focus on tests that are less repetitive and best performed manually.

Lower QA Costs

With automation replacing manual work, you can afford to downsize to a smaller QA team without sacrificing software quality.

When to use Test Automation

Not all tests can be automated; however, you can yield the highest ROI by automating:

  • Regression testing
  • Repetitive and time-consuming tests
  • Tests that are highly susceptible to human error
  • Tests run on several data sets or software platforms

Why Work With Devsu

We utilize best in industry test automation frameworks and tools to increase velocity throughout software development.

Increase Testing Speed

Get digital products to market faster with high-speed test automation.

OnDemand Test Engineers

Flexibly increase or decrease the size of your tech team with proven test automation and QA talent.

Test Automation Expertise

Manage test automation alongside expert test engineers with deep knowledge of your industry.

Test Automation Services

We offer a variety of software test automation services to make development more efficient.

Unit Tests

We test single units of code in isolation to validate whether they're performing as designed. Unit tests aren't dependent on databases, external APIs, or file storage.

Automated Acceptance Tests

Before software is released to production, we test the final build to ensure all features and functions are ready for users.

Code Analysis

We utilize a variety of code analysis tools, including static and dynamic analysis. Some of these automated tests look for security flaws, while others check for code style and form.

Smoke Test

We deploy smoke tests immediately after a deployment or maintenance window to ensure all services and dependencies are functioning correctly.

Our Process

Our QA experts undergo a three-step process to get your automated software testing up and running.


We start by preparing the test environment, which typically requires that data be manipulated, or the software application be put into a specific state.


After the test environment is in its predefined state, we'll get to work on testing your software. Our senior test engineers execute the test by calling the applications API or user interface or directly running the code.


Finally, our automated testing system will generate in-depth report logs on your results so we can find and fix errors fast.

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