Load & Performance Testing Services

Build stable software with reliable, consistent performance

Get ahead of performance issues before they reach your end-users.

Load and performance testing is a crucial step in getting ahead of software performance issues before they reach your end-users.

A properly designed test allows you to ascertain application behavior at peak performance and scalability levels. This protects your business from unpleasant events that frustrate customers and impact profitability.

With load and performance testing, your systems will be ready to handle:

  • Product releases
  • Acquisitions
  • New clients
  • Regulatory changes
  • Ongoing business growth

Your brand's success is dependent on providing responsive, high-performance user experiences consistently across all business-critical applications.

Devsu expertly tests application performance at high loads, measures, validates, and verifies operational capabilities so your systems can offer a flawless customer experience.

Benefits of Load & Performance Testing

No matter how useful your application's features might be, users will lose interest if it underperforms or crashes. Our test engineers design full-court test suites to safeguard your systems.

Early defect detection

We integrate performance engineering into your CI/CD pipeline to discover bottlenecks early in the software development lifecycle.

Real-life performance insights

We can identify and run realistic performance testing scenarios ahead of product and website launches, after any code changes, and before expected peaks in demand.

Enhanced user experiences

Our experience with end-to-end performance engineering ensures you have a future-proof system that is scalable, responsive, and consistent to maintain customer satisfaction.

Optimal software

We deploy scalable and automated testing frameworks to provide intelligent in-depth reporting on performance test results.

Why Work With Devsu

Deliver reliable products to market with our industry-leading software testing services.

Faster Product Testing

Our experienced QA team utilizes the best technology and software testing methods to validate your products faster.

Flexible Testing & QA Teams

Scale your IT team with the industry's top testing and QA talent according to your business needs.

Testing & QA Expertise

We have a proven track record of delivering durable, quality-focused products to some of the world's top enterprises, SMBs, and startups.

Our Approach

Our test engineers have vast expertise in developing performance tests built around a robust strategy customized to your needs. We verify your site's performance at several load levels by:

  • Creating high-volumes of virtual users at stepped levels to simulate a variety of loads.
  • Initiating performance testing directly through user interfaces and at the API call level.
  • Exercising various access paths jointly under increasing loads to verify fault tolerance.
  • Documenting degradations and irregularities in performance at each load level.
  • Coordinating with your IT team to implement the server array during performance testing.

We partner with the leading toolset providers to offer best in class performance and load testing services. Our test engineers also have experience using the top commercial and open-source performance engineering tools.

Load & Performance Testing Services

We offer load and performance testing for several domains and technologies, including web-based, n-tier, and COTS solutions. Our performance testing services guarantee your systems don't experience a decline in performance.

Peak Load Testing

We ensure the sustained performance of your software and servers even in times of the heaviest load volume.

Stress, Spike and Endurance Testing

We gain an understanding of how far your systems can go before they crash by determining their highest load capacity and limits of endurance.

High Availability Testing

We test the availability of back-up servers when your existing servers fail.

Performance Resilience Testing

We analyze how your product functions under stress and develop solutions to strengthen performance.

Regression Testing

We execute comprehensive regression tests to ensure recent software updates aren't impacting performance.

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